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Author Topic: hef4794 to 74HC595  (Read 1109 times)
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I used this to verify my 74HC595 circuit is working.

Then I tried my hef4794 programs and they work if you change the pin designators *or* you could just change the wiring. This will leave some unused code but it doesn't hurt a thing.

//Pin connected to ST_CP of 74HC595
int latchPin = 8;
//Pin connected to SH_CP of 74HC595
int clockPin = 12;
////Pin connected to DS of 74HC595
int dataPin = 11;


My code is here for the knight rider one. As always the pathetic +5volt signal can control anything given the proper interface.

Link to the HEF4794 article

My next foray will be to install a temp sensor and have it read out on the LEDs
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