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What is the score with an Xmega Arduino? I have found a few general purpose dev boards with xmega on but no sign of an arduino compatible one???


The Xmega has had a chequered history with reliability and supply problems, maybe that's why nobody has been keen to design an Arduino-compatible board.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Yeah the Xmega seems like a victim of.... something.  Probably its early-day supply problems combined with the presence of ARM for higher-end options (although Arduino-wise, it's not like the Due is out yet... but ARM seems like a more appropriate use of the arduino team's effort than Xmega)


I'm part of a development team that is creating  an XMEGA Powered, Arduino Compatible Dev Board.

Our website is www.myownduino.com

We are trying to get the project funded through Kickstarter.

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