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I got it working, and directly connected the module to the Arduino 3,3V Output and the digital Pins set in the program. 
The SD Card is a cheap 64 mb from my cellphone formated to FAT.
The files are wave (Mono, 16 bit, 12 khz (16 khz didnt work and caused a "chopper"-like noise).

What I don't get is what the difference between
wtv020sd16p.asyncPlayVoice(0); and
with both modes I can do things, blink Led's ... while the sound is playing. What is the difference?

I was hoping to be able to play two sounds at the same time, or at lease pause one sound, play the second an than continue.
But this isn't possible, right?



I tried this tutorial but no sound are played in the B mode (with arduino) (two line serial mode).
I've used the arduino code and library indicate in this forum (the program run and the serial console indicate the sound should be played) but no sound.
I think the wtv020sd-16p module stay in mp3 mode and don't want run in two line serial mode.

The MP3 mode work properly on my wtv020sd-16p module (without arduino) (MP3 Mode). But not the two line serial mode of this tutorial...
I've verified all the wire...

Some idea of the issue of this problem ?


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Hey guys!

I got this module last week and I have some issues with it.
When plugged in MP3 mode where I only use Arduino UNO to supply power it didn't work with 3.3V pin but played alright (with all the buttons working) with 5V which shouldn't happen. I am using 32ohm 0.25W speaker, maybe that's why? But then again, I plugged some earbuds to it and again it was only working with 5V connected to it.

When I connect the device in 2 pin mode, I only get a "click" sound when playVoice functions are being called, but get no music whatsoever(neither 3.3V or 5V plugged). I get a strong feeling that it's not receiving a right command and tries to play a file that doesn't exist. I have ad4 files names 0000, 0001, 0002 etc, I was using the test files and my own but to no avail...

I hope any of you have some more ideas :(

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