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Author Topic: Arduino library for WTV020-SD-16P audio module  (Read 101108 times)
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I got it working, and directly connected the module to the Arduino 3,3V Output and the digital Pins set in the program. 
The SD Card is a cheap 64 mb from my cellphone formated to FAT.
The files are wave (Mono, 16 bit, 12 khz (16 khz didnt work and caused a "chopper"-like noise).

What I don't get is what the difference between
wtv020sd16p.asyncPlayVoice(0); and
with both modes I can do things, blink Led's ... while the sound is playing. What is the difference?

I was hoping to be able to play two sounds at the same time, or at lease pause one sound, play the second an than continue.
But this isn't possible, right?


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