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Hi Guys and Girls

Did anyone ever try to program the Arduino to communicate with a Texas Instruments Calculator? I'd like to play around with that.

There is this CBL system which is simply some kind of ADC. You can use various expensive sensors with this >150 $ thing to measure temperature and whatnot. It appears to use some kind of simple serial communication to receive commands and send measurement values back.

Someone already seems to have used this to build a small robot:

Anyone some ideas?
I don't have a TI calculator yet but I'm thinking about buying an old TI-92 or TI-83 or something...



Hi Folks
Thanks for reading my post. With some research I found some more stuff people did to the calculator which relates to serial communication and embedded systems:

HERE someone actually did build some embedded stuff which directly communicated with the CBL-2 system. I want to achieve something like this with the Arduino, except that of course I want to do other things. But as soon as the stuff here is realized w/ the Arduino, everything is possible:

TICalc.com of course has some good stuff on the TI Calculators, searching there seems always a good idea. Here is a short description
of the link interface protocol I lack the proficiency to completely comprehend.

This page describes how to build a serial cable:

This seems to be an extension to the site mentioned in my previous post: http://www.detachedsolutions.com/robocalc/

Did anyone ever 'hack' the CBL-2 to be used with sensors you build yourself? I googled the whole day and didn't find any schematics. Got any idea for keywords I didn't think of? I'll appreciate any help.

Btw I just bought a TI-92. It'll ship in a few days and I hope it arrives together with my CBL-2.

Thanks a lot

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