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Hi guys, I'm toying around with getting my Uno to communicate with advancedHMI on my Windows 7 pc. I'm interested in sending some temperature readings to the HMI which have been processed by the arduino. I know people have done it, but there is no doccumentation out there for a very basic setup. If I figure it out, I'll make a quick write-up to post.

There isn't much info on on google and I'm somewhat of a beginner at programming compared to many of you. How do I get the HMI to read my data on the USB com port from the Arduino?


A link that describes what advancedHMI is would be good. I'm too lazy to do even that little research. If you go that far, I'd be happy to look at whether what you want to do is even possible, and, if so, provide some details as to how.


Sorry, I should have done that. advancedHMI is a free Human Machine Interface which is compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio Express. On their page they have a quick tutorial to get it up and running easily. I installed VS Express 2012 and have it running great.



I'm not familiar with how to call to com ports in an IDE or windows. And once I can access the correct port, how do I send/receive data on it in VS Express? Is serial communication even possible with the arduino this way?


Since all VB remains accessible, no need to try to accomplish complex things with a crippled scripting language. This gives the most flexible and expandable HMI software available.

So, take a look at the Playground. There is a section on Interfacing with software. On that page, there are links defining how to interface with a variety of languages, including Visual Basic.


I might be able to modify the code of each object to interact using Firmata. I like this Firmata interface. It seems really easy to use.

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