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I'm trying to determine power consumption of my project.  It's a fairly straightforward circuit to download data over a serial interface, process it, and save it to an SD card.  I'm using a Teensy 2.0 with the pjrc.com microSD adapter. Unfortunately, it's going to be a few weeks until I can test it in action.  On the bench, I can power everything up and initialize the SD card, and measure the power consumption while I do that (~55 mA at 5v).  Will actually writing to the SD card make a significant difference, or can I be reasonably confident in that figure?


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Sdcards can take between 5-40mA, based on type and on what they do actually (init, read, write, idle..). Take as a worst case 40mA. The current consumption has peeks, so provide a good decoupling near the sdcard's socket.


Wow--up to 40 mA is a surprise.  Definitely will need to test it out in action.


SanDisk datasheet states their microSD card read/write could use 100ma.  :(


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