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I have a Arduino Uno R3 with ethernetshield(W5100), Arduino IDE 1.0.1. My program has a webserver and a fixed ip address (  and I created some buttons on a website to execute some functions, that works fine. In one of the function I want to post a message to Twitter. I use the Twitter library 1.3.0 from here http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/TwitterLibrary. I followed the instruction. When the arduino has a fixed ip (Ethernet.begin(mac,ip);) the connection fails. When it gets an IP from DHCP server(Ethernet.begin(mac);), connection is succesfull. Does anyone know why it fails when I use a fixed IP address? I want to use a fixed IP so I can forward an external incoming port to the fixed ip of the arduino.


Some DHCP servers will allow you to reserve a specific IP address for a device given it's MAC address.
That way your arduino Ethernet shield would get the same IP every time. Maybe your DHCP server can do that ?



You may like to look at the answer I received to a similar problem.

It may help?






good day! can I ask how did you do that? I'm having a problem in connecting to the internet. I followed all the instruction in this site http://arduino-tweet.appspot.com/. Unfortunately, I can't have any post on twitter. The serial monitor always say "connecting ..." . Thanks a lot!


I added : byte gateway[] = {   192, 168, 1, 254 };
and changed: Ethernet.begin(mac,ip); to Ethernet.begin(mac,ip, gateway, gateway);
I also found that sending same messages twice are blocked by twitter.


My shield unit is ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield. Does it work using that library? I read some posts and they said that there's something in this unit and it's not compatible with this library. thanks!

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