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So I've been collecting resources all over the web on ANYTHING I can find for the Adafruit Motor Shield. There's a lot of great stuff out there that covers basic topics and in depth projects. The problem is, and I think we can agree, it's everywhere!!! :P I will be putting together an in depth manual (as much as possible I'm no writer) and guide to using the motor shield. There's a million of you guys out there that have something amazing to contribute no matter how small or big you think. In the spirit of open source, DIY, and community this is obviously going to be a free PDF download (although I haven't gotten that far yet.)

So long story short, I'm making this dream a reality anyway with my own research, but anything that can be contributed would be a huge help as I may not have found it on the web or maybe it was never even posted. Everyone who contributes will be cited and all proper recognition assigned. Let's do something together as a community, it only takes a quick click of the "copy" and "paste" of links you know or from your text editor, IDE, or wherever you save your Notes, Sketches, and/or resources. Thanks in advance to anyone who participates!


These are obvious links but an awesome suggestion was made to me to put them here in case someone stumbled upon this and didn't know about them.







Like I said those are just a few of the obvious ones out there, but the point of this project is to bring all this great info into one detailed package. So, I hope this will be helpful to someone and thanks for the advice Krodal!

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