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Author Topic: IDE 1.0.4 Esplora Example Errata  (Read 1229 times)
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This topic is an FYI on errata in the Esplora 1.0.4 examples and is meant as an aid to the Arduino team.

1. Function EsploraWriteRGB -

#include <Esplora.h>

void setup() {}

void loop()
 Esplora.writeRGB(0, 128, 255);
 Esplora.writeRGB(255, 0, 128);
 Esplora.writeRGB(128, 255, 0);

Remedy: should have a line "delay(1000); after the last line in loop function else that last color is not displayed long enough to notice the color change.

2. Esplora.tone -
    Esplora.noTone -

No example given

Remedy: refer to example which uses both functions.

3. Example Page

Text: "EsploraLightCalibrator : Read the values from the accelerometer"

Remedy: Read as: "EsploraLightCalibrator : Read the values from thelight sensor"

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