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Hey everyone, I am making my own car radio and have pretty much everything done except for the lcd screen...I have a Sanyo LC7582 8D4 screen and have found the data sheet, but didnt know how to implement anything for it in my code...

Here is a link to the datasheet, any help would be great



You may want to start reading the following web sites


Then, if you don't find anything suitable for your LCD, you may need to write the driver for your particular LCD, you can always use one of the available LCD drivers as starting point.



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Thanks, I have used many LCD and displays in the past, my issue is instead of the normal ES, RS, RW ports, this LCD has GND, VDD, INH, CE, CLK, DATA, LAMP, LAMP...and I believe the lamp has a ground and positive, i figured that out...but what I dont know is how to interface the rest of these like the normal lcds i have used with the arduino

I know this so far...this is the obvious stuff...

GND - Ground
VDD - 5V
CE -
LAMP GND - Backlight Ground
LAMP +B - Backlight +

and now I just need to figure out INH CE CLK and DATA


Can you follow the lines on the PCB?


On the page 3 of the above datasheet, you can see those pins.



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I can follow the ones in question, and they either end up at a Mitsubishi micro controller or an alpine micro controller

I have a little bit of difficulties reading and understanding the datasheet...
The main issue is that the pins listed on the datasheet do not match that of what is printed on the chip I have...

However I do know based on the datachip that DATA, CE, and CLK go to the controller

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