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I have huge problem  (and maybe misunderstand something) regarding compare incomming SMS with a string.
I'm comfused because it seems/should work, when print SMS to Monitor. Please look at my code below and the feedback from the monitor.

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#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <string.h>

String inData = "";

SoftwareSerial cell(2, 3);

void setup()

  delay(10000); //Wait for GSM
  Serial.println("Ready ..");

void loop()
  if(cell.available() > 0)              // Test if we receive something on the serial port.
    char recv = cell.read();            // Read characters into recv
    inData += recv;                     // Fill inData with characters received (recv)
    if (recv == '\n')                   // If receiving a newline char
      Serial.print("-------------\n");  // Print control chars (--) to ensure we have New Line and ready to compare
      Serial.print(inData);             // Print full string from inData
      if (inData == "xxx")              // Compare inData with "xxx"
        Serial.print("OK!\n");          // If xxx is received, then print OK!
      inData="";                        // Clear inData buffer

>>>>>>>This is what I'm receiving from incomming SMS on Serial Monitor<<<<<<<

Ready ..


+CMT: "+4512312312","","13/05/07,13:56:24+08"




You're adding the newline character you receive to the end of the string, so your comparison fails. try checking against "xxx\n" instead, or don't concatenate the newline.

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