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I am working on MCG128128-96-W-E LCD of truly display company which requires S6b3301 samsung driver.My compiler is HEW compiler of renesas for teh R8C Tiny group25 series.
It's a graphical colored LCD. It's datasheet provides a sample application circuit whose hardarw part I have worked upon.
I have been able to INitialize the LCD and display Red,geen and Blue colored on it.
I am struggling on how to create a bitmap for writing characters.
The Lcd recognizes only rows and columns so I guess I only need to write on Ram rather then reading and then writing on RAM...
for one pixel....is had 16 bits to be sent...for diaplying a color on a specified pixel.
Any Help would be beneficial...for me..kindly provid me any idea ion how to create a bitmap for this and how to get a character printed on partuclat rows and columns.

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