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Hi, I am new to arduino...
I would like to enter two piezos into arduino as if it were a soundcard (cause i have no soundcard) and enter them to command each one, a bang object in pure data.
Could i get some help in the way to connect the piezos into the arduino board, and getting to activate a ''bang'' in Pd.
Again, i just got a mac book pro, no audio interface to input both piezos.
Thank you!


There is a tutorial on how to get a piezo knock sensor to work with an Arduino at http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Knock

Start with one first, then you can add a second one once you understand how to do the first one.


Dear CCC,

Do you want to make sounds, noises with the piezos? In other words, do you want an output (from the arduino) device? Why not use a speaker?

Or do you want the piezos to be used as sensors, to tell the Arduino when they (the piezos) "hear" something? In other words, use them as inputs to the Arduino.


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and enter them to command each one, a bang object in pure data.

"Pure data" is a programming language used by musicians. The basic unit input of the language is called a "bang". The op wants to trigger a bang with a piezo sensor.

Wiring a piezo sensor is easy, interfacing into PD can be found at:-


Thank you all.
That page you suggest  i had allready seen it, but couldnt resolve my issues.
I installed the driver in the arduino board, and checked a couple of examples even linkig it to pure data. I had latency with the data outcoming from pd into arduino, checking arduinos monitor.
I want to connect 2 piezos into arduino, and use its input to control a bang in pd. The programming of the signal gate, and specifications of the bang are all on me. I just want to link both softs and input the piezos in the arduino.

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