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Is there anyone who has messed with the XBee module? I have just invested in one and wish I could put it up to be able to talk with an iPhone without needing a computer . I've made a few experiments with Arduino and Processing, but then I run it through a PC and I would rather not.
initially, I could just press my iphone and turn on an LED.
is there anyone who has experience in the field or fiddling with it like me?



I believe you may need a jailbroken phone. Maybe. If you get it to work on a non jailbroken phone (snding commands wiressly from iPhone) let me know :). Need put my 3gs to good use


You are correct - you need a jailbroken iPhone.  Without it, iPhone's are unable to talk to external hardware; unless you can sign up in an exclusive developer program for iPhone hardware partners (which is different than the normal development program.)

Another option would be to create an Arduino + Network Shield + Xbee circuit, and then use the web browser in the iPhone to interact with the Arduino/Xbee circuit.

You best best is jailbreaking the iPhone, and then running a terminal program on it to talk to the XBee via TTL Serial.


If i will jailbreak my iphone how I will connect it to the xbee modules..???
L'impossibile...richiede solo piu' tempo!


If i will jailbreak my iphone how I will connect it to the xbee modules..???

With this?


L'impossibile...richiede solo piu' tempo!

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