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Hey guys i need some help!

I want to monitor three thermometers using the arduino sending the information to a database.

When brewing beer there are three pots that you have to monitor their temp.

I want to log each batch and plot the results from a MYSQL database.

I need suggestions for thermometers, lcd screen, and code and methods to save to a database.

Where do i start?



Where do i start?

With small sketches that test a single feature.

Write one to read from a sensor. Write one to read from multiple sensors. Write one to write to the LCD. Write one to send random values to the serial port, for a PC application to read and store in the database.

When each part works independently, merge them together into one sketch.
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Tip for the temperature sensor: DS18B20 are very accurate and fast enough for the task. Besides multiple of them can be controlled over same set of wires (one-wire protocol) . There exist an excellent lib for these sensors with examples . Think that is a good starter - http://milesburton.com/index.php/Dallas_Temperature_Control_Library

Arduino is not capable to write directly to a MYSQL DB so you have to make a small PC app that capture the serial output of the arduino (e.g. <temp1, temp2, temp3 newline> and insert in the DB (with a timestamp I guess).

Take also some time reading the tutorials - http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/HomePage - very informative

Hopes this helps getting started.
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