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Hello guys, just wondering if there is a bare bone/stand alone design that fitted original pin layout used by shields.......dose that make seance???

Kind of a hybrid between  this style of single sided BBB

But with this standardised pin map

Guess it could be done quite simply in eagle (by someone who knows ho to use Eagle much better then me!) by stripping the Arduino Single-Sided Serial version of its Serial based components and adjusting the ISP to a more assessable and suited to a TTL-RS232 Adapter?  


I think you underestimate the "difficulty" of moving connectors around on a PCB.  You might think that "gee, the Really Bare Bones Arduino fits on that 76mm*18mm PCB, if all you're doing is adding connectors in the right places, it ought to be trivial to fit it in the 70x55mm space of a "real" arduino."  But the RBBB uses a "convenient" pinout, and "translating" pinouts is one of the more difficult and space-consuming things to do on a PCB, especially if its single sided...


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but westfw, you are being modest, after doing some research in the archives it turns out you have did it already back in 2007

Then Even expanded on it in last year with the Shield-Duino

Now how do i get my hands on the Eagle files!  ;)


The Serial Single Sided Arduino I posted does NOT fit in the standard footprint area; it's about 1cm bigger in each direction.

The "ShieldDuino" is not a full arduino, and isn't single sided.


Jan 15, 2010, 12:23 pm Last Edit: Jan 15, 2010, 12:24 pm by n00b Reason: 1
But the SS v0.93W is still a improvement from the rev3 SS arduino though? (size wise)  :)

Do you have a pdf transfer, or even better Eagle files still for the SS v0.93W above, as I would love to build that one along with the Serial SS v0.9W that you were king enough to post files for.  

alsooooooo.... ::)
Is there more to come from the Shield-Duino, looks like such a interesting project? (Any chance of the Eagle files?)  


Here's an outline comparison.  The V.3 board adds another 10mm in the X direction and a bit in the Y direction, but it also moves the ICSP connector to the right place, adds auto-reset, the two extra pins on the power connect area, and some useful option jumpers and has fewer signal jumpers.

I'll check on the "publishable" status of the .93 version...


Wow, sincerely thanks for taking the time to put that together.......and for putting up with my torrent of questions and requests today!  


I've been working on a design and made two blog posts so far on the subject (which I'm calling "minimalduino"), with snapshots of one- and two-sided layouts I'm toying with.  The single sided layout doesn't have the ISP header so it wouldn't really be shield-compatible, which is my goal.

I etched the 2-sided board (more as a 2-sided etching experiment than anything else) and assembled it with the minimal components.  There are a few mistakes in the board though, the biggie being that DTS (or is it RTS?) doesn't work, so it won't accept a program via the FTDI cable header.  (I also don't have enough caps for the 7805, and I incorrectly laid out the ISP header with two pins wired to SCK instead of one to SCK and one to MOSI, though that's fixed with a jumper in the board I built).  I'll post EAGLE files this weekend and see if anybody can spot my boneheaded move.

The tricky parts about a single-sided design are routing pins D8-D13, the ISP header, and reset.  Omitting unnecessary stuff like LEDs and voltage regulation make everything easier, but it's still a very tight fit as westfw pointed out.  That angled ATmega might free up enough space though...
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Really good to people are working on this!

Interesting stuff salsaman, cant wait for the Eagle files!  :)


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I uploaded two schematics to a shared folder here.

I built out the .61 version (minimalDuino61.sch) without the voltage regulation, but it won't allow me to upload... I think I may have messed up the 2-sided etch, even though I've tested every trace for continuity and bridges to neighbors...:(  I wonder if anybody sees anything wrong with the schematic or with the board layout:  minimalDuino61.brd?

I also uploaded a newer layout (sch, brd), laid out as a 1-sided board with more jumper traces (12) than I'd like.  Here's a snapshot jpg.  I think I'll move the ATmega over a bit and rework the lower right to see if I can reduce the number of jumpers.

Any suggestions would be very welcome!!
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Comprehensive (?) Arduino-compatible board list: http://tinyurl.com/allarduinos


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The single sided board you posted the .jpg of is acutally quite nice, but I think there is a design flaw. The pin in the power header next to the reset pin is 5V on yours, where as it is 3.3V on "official" arduinos.

This could be less than desireable if a shield was expecting 3.3V on this pin

I think you should either leave this pin unconnected, or provide a 3.3V regulator on the board to provide this pin with the expected voltage. There is plenty of room for it , and you could at least provide the holes for it, you wouldn't HAVE to populate it if you know you aren't going to use it.

Nice work though - I'll definitely be considering making one.

Oh and also I'd change the diameter of the "vias" you will be using to solder in the jumpers - they are way too small to be drilled and soldered by hand. You can use the "change" tool to change the shape and diameter.


Almost forgot-- I wired the 3.3V pin to 5V early on after reading this thread about the 3.3V pin only providing up to 50mA... :P

Looking for shields that use 3.3V, I only found ones that have their own 3.3V regulators, and the USB host shield which is made for a 3.3V Arduino... but protoshield users would have trouble with the 3.3V pin providing 5V!

You're absolutely right-- there's room, so I'll add a TO-92 3.3V regulator and maybe another solder jumper if people want to short it to 5V.  I'll post the next rev in a few days.
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Comprehensive (?) Arduino-compatible board list: http://tinyurl.com/allarduinos


Really lovely stuff salsaman, I think I my well have to build this bad boy tomorrow!


Jan 22, 2010, 02:40 am Last Edit: Jan 22, 2010, 07:13 pm by salsaman Reason: 1
I uploaded my latest revision to a shared folder [new uload 1/22].

As Trialex suggested, I added a 3.3v regulator (mcp1700-330) and caps, and also made the jumper pads/vias and their holes bigger.  Along the way I also noticed that I hadn't routed the input power to the "Vin" or "9V" pin, so that's fixed too.

I tried different main chip orientations, and followed westfw's example of rotating it 45 degrees-- gave plenty of room for power regulation in the lower left.

I'm not too happy with the power jumpers under the chip socket, but it should work OK and not be too tough to build out.  And there are still more jumpers than I'd like, but since not everyone will need the ICSP (or is it just ISP?) header, it might not a big deal.

I'm curious if anybody would mind looking over the schematic for any errors or glaring omissions?  I'll breadboard it in the coming week and try to get a sketch uploaded, but would appreciate any tips!

Key features:
* (almost) everything optional,
* barrel jack, .1" pin headers, or screw terminals for power input,
* solder jumpers to bypass the diode and voltage regulator,
* pin jumper to bypass the voltage regulator,
* fourth standoff mounting hole for stability,
* grounded hole for mounting a resonator instead of a crystal and caps.

All suggestions welcome!
My Arduino blog: http://jmsarduino.blogspot.com
Comprehensive (?) Arduino-compatible board list: http://tinyurl.com/allarduinos


Thanks for this salsaman, but seem to have a little trouble with the links
just get "Sorry, the page (or document) you have requested is not available."  :-[

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