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Hi, I successfully retrofitted the diecimila autoreset feature into my Arduino serial board.  The process and result was posted in Arduino Playground: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Learning/AutoResetRetrofit

Comments and other user's experiences are welcome.


Dear NKC team, I just finish your serial board diecimilla compatible kit and notice very strange problems uploadings skechts.

I can only upload the first skecht and them nothing.
I think there´s a problem with the reset signal. I read a steady voltage of -5.36V at the PC terminal of the cap. How it´s possible?

Thanks for your fast service. ( the fastest ) and sorry for my little English.


You should read +5.xx volts.  The DTR signal is active (low) in your PC.

GI George

For some reason I connect my Serial USB cable. and my DTR Signal is -8.7V??? :-?

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