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Does anyone know how to reset the Arduino mini? having trouble uploading to it. Any help much appreciated



connect the pin named RESET to GND with a pushbutton and press it briefly to reset the module



:) I got it to work but by also doing a double click of the button before uploading it. Have enclosed photos.


Hi Boppyer,

you're setup might tend to reset itself unintendedly. you should connect a 10kOhm resistor between +5V and the reset pin as well. this resistor is acting as a pull-up resistor, which means that it ensures that you have a HIGH level on the pin (reset) while you're NOT pressing the button.

at least i experienced unstability while switching on and off a couple of leds. the board would suddenly reset and i thought this was a problem of my code which it wasn't.

//best, kuk

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