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(1)Just built Arduino compatable RBBB (really bare bones board) with serial programming adapter/ (TTL-RS232 converter). Connected LED between pin 13 of Atmega168 and gnd.
(2)Downloaded Arduino-0012 to PC.
(3)Connected power (9v) to RBBB, attached converter/progrmm. adapter between RBBB and serial port, com1, on PC.
(4)Pilot light comes on.  pin 13 LED flashes on and off
(5)Booted up Arduino-0012 alpha > SKETCHBOOK > EXAMPLES > DIGITAL > BLINK
(6)Tried uploading to I/O board, but get error: Problem uploading to board .  In dark rectangle below BLINK program there are two messages:
[glow](i) avrdude: stk500_get sync(): not in sync: resp+0x00
(ii)avrdude: stk500_disable():protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51[/glow]

LED connected to pin 13 flashes, but it seems to flash more frequently than one flash per second as BLINK pgm. calls for

I don't think that the pgm BLINK is being uploaded to RBBB.
What is the proper procedure for uploading Arduino programs ?

Thank you

Adilson Akashi

I don´t know which version of RBBB do you have, but searching quicly on RBBB site I found many docs that can help you:

I´m not sure, but it seems that if you didn´t make the autoreset hack on your board, you must press the reset button when uploading a sketch.

I´m sure there are people here that can help you with more than this (other RBBB users, or people with more knowledge), but I saw a forum link on moderndevice site:

If you could not find real help here, or the answer is not in doc files, perhaps you can get help in that forum.

Good luck

P.S.: just a comment: you wrote "pin 13 of atmega168..." but the correct is pin13 of RBBB board (or pin13 of Arduino Board). The pin13 of RBBB is equal to pin19 of the atmega168.
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