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Nov 26, 2010, 07:07 pm Last Edit: Nov 27, 2010, 10:59 am by GDLive Reason: 1
Help help !  :-/

I'have done lot of tests, but I'm definitely unable to send (and correctly receive) midi messages, using :
- wire : the tx pin, the 5v + 220 ohm Resistor, ground
- the serial baud rate 31250

When I'm checking the com port, I'm able to read note on messages.

My prg is basic and for me, it works : (same from here :)

I have checked and checked the wiring, It seems to be right.

I was wondering if on usb mode, the seeeduino wasn't able to set the baud rate to 31500. Then I used external power. Doesn't change anything.

I've checked different options, the midi signal isn't received / or recognized by :
- my soundcard
- my synthesisers
- my pedal board

To complete my tests, i've tried to send midi messages via xbee (at 31500) and wiring xbee to midi port as here without the 7404N component

Idem : I'm receiving what seems to be midi messages but they are not seen on my hardware !!

I'm very disappointed and have no more idea what to test !!!!!  :'(

Help would be much appreciated !



Nobody has an idea ?

I saw some rare people use a different schema :

Does it say that the original wiring could have some issues ?

Whatever I try, I can't get this midi out working ! :-X


Ok, thanks for your help  ;)

- 1st problem :

One of the midi cables I used wasn't a real midi cable  >:( no conduction trough pin 4 - 5 but 1 - 3

- 2nd problem :

For one raison that I ignore, I can finally send midi message both from arduino and xbee, with simple wiring or more complex with 2 PNP transistors :

but I can only see those messages with
- a mbox 2 soundcard
- my Roland D10

I can't see those messages using the same cable with :
- my hoontech DSP24 sound card
- my berhinger FCB1010 pedal board

Any suggestion from a midi or electronic genius to solve this problem would be much appreciated !

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