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This is more of a confirmation that i read it right, but i can use my analog inputs as digital inputs right?  i would just use pin 14-19?

Code: [Select]

digitalRead(14); //?


Yes, you can use the analog pins as digital pins, by numbering them 14 - 19.

That's the proper way to read the pin. Well, except that the function returns a value that must be important, or you wouldn't have called the function, so toy probably want to store the returned value somewhere.
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does this also works and for the arduino mega

is this corect?

Code: [Select]
//********** i/o scan modes on analog inputs **********
int scan1 = (8+54) ;
int scan2 = (9+54);
int scan3 = (10+54);
int scan4 = (11+54);
int scan5 = (12+54);
int scan6 = (13+54);
int scan7 = (14+54);

//******************** inputs as i/o for the scan mode ********************
int simplescan = (0+54) ; // i/o switch for simple scann
int sensorenable = (1+54) ; // i/o switch for voice scan
int lightenable= (2+54) ; // i/o switch for light scan
int motionenable = (3+54) ; // i/o switch for motion enable scan


You aren't reading the pin.

You would want:

Code: [Select]

int scan1 = digitalRead(8+54) ;

this will give you a 1/0 in scan1 and let you know if anything is connected to port (8+54=)66.

I've never used a mega so you may want to check that whole 8+54 business.


Quick question:
Is the below correct if i want to read a push button on analog pin (0)?
its a rough version i know, but i just want to check the important parts...

pinmode(14,input);                       // set the pin to input
int BUTTON = digitalread(14);        // read analog pin 0 as digital and set it to a variable

if (BUTTON == HIGH)                   // it shows pressed
else if (BUTTON == LOW)             // it shows not pressed

hardware layout:
5v___button____10k ohm resistor___ground
                   |___analog pin 0

layout done as shown in:

Thanks :)


Slower reply, no.
If BUTTON is not HIGH, there is no need to check to see if it is LOW.
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yea i will prob use an else, but wanted to explain what both scenarios  represented.

btw wouldnt it still be yes, just with unnecessary code  :P

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