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Boas malta,

Tenho para vender esta board com o lcd touch esta como nova apenas a liguei para ver se estava todo bem ela tras um programa demo para exprimentarmos o touch e esta tudo ok.
Vendo por ter de abandonar por agora o projecto ( falta de ?? !! ). Tambem fabrico tb PCB pelo metodo de fresagem por CNC se estiverem intressados por favor contactem para oriun1@clix.pt.
Sou de Penafiel e posso entregar em mao na zona do grande porto.
Obrigado e um abraço para todos e desculpem o topico  :-[

Preço do Lcd e board 50? Portes incluidos.

Carateristiscas e funçoes.

CPU: STM32F103RBT6; (LQFP64-pin, on-chip integrated 128K flash, 20KRAM, 16Bit A / D; PWM, CAN, USB and other resources)
With a 2.8-inch TFT true color touch screen module, color touch module configuration ADS7843 (or RSM1843 instead) controller, support for a SD card (SPI mode) can be used to store pictures, in support of AT45DBxxx of a DATA FLASH (can be used for storage)
USB interface, make USB experiment
USB to RS232 interface (ISP download), make RS232 communicate experiment
AD adjuster
Standard ARM JTAG 20 pin
A RTC in support, the four users LED lights, a power indicator light, a USB communication indicator, two user keys
8MHz crystal,32.768KHz crystal
USB power supply or power supply by J-Link
All I / O port through the standard pitch leads 2.54MM
Board Size: 82MM X 68MM

Rich in routines, not only functional modules MDK-board test-source: LED lights examples, RTC, USB, SD card, ADC, touch-screen test, TFT LCD screen test .....
but also there are successful transplantation UCOS2, UCGUI a number of routines can be directly applied to industrial control equipment or hand-held instrument of human-computer interface design, so that your product from the monotony of black and white, into the colorful world! Inspire your design inspiration!

Fresagem de PCB

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