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Is the Arduino program environment that runs the uploaded sketch (the bootloader) an RTOS?

(the reason behind the question....)

I am in college and my senior research project is Embedded Programming.  For the purposes of my research and practice, the Computer Science department bought me an arduino 0007, so I have been playing with it and developing programs and such (its been great to get my programming abilities away from that silly PC).

In my research I am learning about the RTOS (real time operating system) that is the cornerstone of larger embedded products ( cell phone, graphing calculator, etc.).
Robert Carpenter
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The bootloader doesn't actually run the sketch, it's just a program that gets it onto the chip.  There's no RTOS in Arduino at the moment, just a simple executable.



So, the program that runs on the chip @ power on is different from the bootloader then?  What is the program that receives the serial upload from the computer when power on happens?
Robert Carpenter
(my hackery - http://robertcarpenter.net )


The bootloader is the program that runs when you power up the arduino.  It's an idiot-simple program that listens for a serial command to start writing uploaded data to flash (it's a bit more complex than that, but not much).  If it does not receive this command within a short time, it jumps to the address space beyond the bootloader and the microcontroller starts executing the program there. There's no OS involved.



Has the freeRTOS implementation of a RTOS for uc have been ported to the ATmega168 and by extension to the arduino?
I think i saw an ATmega168 version, but I doubt it's useable on the arduino with the bootloader. I'm not much into thoses technical specs but I think there's not enough memory to run it without getting rid of the bootloader

but i'm surely wrong ^^


Apparently one has been ported to the ATmega32...  maybe it could also run on the ATmega168.  



Hi, we have ported FreeRTOS past year (2009), you can look at these links:


The versión 0.1 Alpha (for the 0017 IDE) is available here:


And there is a v0.2 Alpha which runs in 0018 at:


We did not make the v0.2, but are working in the v0.3.

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