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This my first post in the forum, so i'm not sure who knows what or what subcategory to stick this thread. But i've just bought myself an arduino duemilanove (with a ATMEGA328) and a nano too for smaller applications. But i can use either or both to do what i want to ask here:

I've bought myself a LED Micro Readerboard KIT available here:

It's fully open source, and it's hackable/re-programmable. I just want to know if and how it can be done by incorporating our awesome arduino. Can i plug it in in replacement of the ATMEGA328, or use the digital/analog pins to interface with the chip.

The code currently on the chip is available here:
look for mrb.c (sorry, for the .zip but i'm not hosting the file)

I'm completely new to programming besides HTML and QBASIC. But i'm learning, so fell free to treat me as a newbie.



Could I get a reply, just anything. A recommendation to post repost this, in another subforum, but i thought it went into interfacing.


Something like this wouldn't be too difficult to do on the Arduino; it is essentially the same as hooking up a 7-segment LED digit display, just with more segments. The rest is code.
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Is there any way to read what's on the ATMEGA328, to see what program is saved onto it?

It would be good to do the same for the ATTIY2313, then just edit a bit and save.


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use this, i wrote the arduino bootloader to 2 atmega168 chips using this on my duemilanove. it was pretty simple too just follow what he says to do and youll be fine.
all youll have to do is map out the wires from the arduinos icsp header to the coresponding pins on your attiny2321.


What you are wanting to do is use the Arduino as a programmer - yes it can be done. I've done it several times before getting an $11 shipped http://www.fun4diy.com/AVRISP_mkII.htm - the t2313 is a totally different chip than is the Arduino chips.  I use Studio4 with the above programmer to burn hex files.

What you will use from the code you've linked to is the hex file only to burn to the t2313 chip.  You can burn the hex file using the previous referenced link using AVRdude:
Works good.

Just remember the Arduino IDE program has no way to compile the code to a hex file for the t2313 chip.

Good luck and have fun.

Ken H.



Hope it helpes

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