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Well I'm looking for C compiler program, since C is arduino's native language i'm trying to learn to program C so that i could also make software. I have visual basic express 2008 and was going through some tutorials, but since i just notice that ain't arduino's language i'm looking for its equivalent.  I only see Visual C# and C++ can they run C or do i need an other software??? I like how Visual makes it easy to develop a GUI so i'm kind of looking for the same thing.


You can program using a C++ compiler using only the C subset (in fact, the arduino uses C++, but without actually talking about most of the C++ features.)

You can also get gcc (same compiler as arduino) for windows; see cygwin and mingw (for example.)


I've got the same problem. The only difference is I have a mac...so basicly what your saying is if I found a C++ compiler for mac it would work with no additional software?


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Hawaii00000, the install disc of Mac OS X has an optional installable package called "Development Tools", which includes a full C/C++ compiler suite.  No extra charge.  It's based off gcc, as westfw mentions, but has a lot of extras that will either make things easier or confuse things worse.  :)  Google for "learning to program in C on mac os x" or something like it.


But would I be able to program the Arduino with it, without any additional software.



You probably want this: AVR MacPack



The c language for arduino is very different from ansi c language, so search how to program on mac os x only won't will help so much, then it is a good idea look the following site:


I'm know that is for FreeBSD, but the commands don't are much different.

PS.: This site show how to do it using an Arduino ATmega168-based microcontroller so if your arduino is diferent from the one used on the site you will need to change some options.

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