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I would like to use emacs for editing source files. I see there is an External Editor option in the IDE preferences dialog box. I click on it and the IDE editor is disabled.... that makes sense.... question is: What do I do next ? In my project directory all I have is a .pde file which I can't edit. In the applet sub-directory I see a source file, do I edit that ?

I have tried but when I make changes and save it the IDE doesn't automatically sense that there is a new version to load. I don't even see a manual way to update the source file in Arduino. Is there more to linking in an external editor that I am missing ?


From all the searching I have done on this topic, no one seems to know what the External Edit control does. Seems it just disables editing in the IDE, a sort of reminder not to edit locally.  


I think if you are using an external editor, the IDE loads the file from disk whenever you upload or compile it.  I don't think it will show the new version in the window though.  The external editor option comes from Processing and I haven't messed it with much.

Helge Milde

If you press ctrl+r (compile I think) it will refresh the contents, but I don't see why you would want that when you're using an external editor anyway.

I just edit in vim, and alt tab to do Ctrl+U (Upload) once in a while


I'm also using external editors (vim or gvim) to edit source codes.
When I edit an arduino code, I want the IDE to open the source file with an external editor.
For example, Ctrl + E shortcut has not been used yet, it might be a good way to do so.


I recently switched to an external editor too (Notepad++). I was thinking it would be nice if when the external editor option was on the Arduino IDE would display a list of files associated with the sketch instead of the contents of the files. The files could be opened in the associated editor when clicked.

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