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Ok, here is the gist of my problem: whenever i try to upload, i either get the error
Code: [Select]

avrdude: ser_send(): write error: sorry no info avail
available, or most of the time, its an error that tells me that COM3 is already in use.  :-?

What i have tried is setting the 'RTS on close' option in the settings for the usb serial converter in device manager. I have also downloaded the driver from the ftdi website and windows told me the current driver was fine. presumably it meant it was the same version.

I can upload to the board once. Then i have to disconnect it fromt eh computer, unplug my protoshield, plug the arty back in and then i can upload one more time. then i have to repeat this step. every. single. time.

so there is my problem. After one upload, com3 is said to be in use, until i unplug the arduino and plug it back in.


naughty naughty, win7 isn't out yet  ;)


Yes it is, you can download the release candidate from Microsoft. It will start to self destruct around March, but otherwise it's a valid OS that is for all purposes in its complete form and should be supported.
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Yup.. I'm still running the older beta - 7100.. but the RTM version went out on technet the other night I think (it was due - haven't checked yet...)

I'm sure i've uploaded a few times with 0017 fine under win7(7100)... I'll go and try shortly to confirm for sure...
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I am getting another wierd error on win7. Just updated Java, no change. Any idea?

p.s.: Windows 7 were available officialy as beta, but some of us who have access to Microsoft's MSDNAA allready have Win7 Professional  :P


Delete the java folder in your arduino-0017 folder.
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My bad, your right, I forgot about the betas. Redownload your arduino IDE, that might fix the corruption.

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