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Code: [Select]
     Serial.print (0,BYTE);
     Serial.print (1,BYTE);
     Serial.print ((byte) Y1,BYTE);
     Serial.print (0,BYTE);
     Serial.print (2,BYTE);
     Serial.print ((byte) Y2,BYTE);
     Serial.println (Y1);
     Serial.println (Y2);

Under what circumstances would the else block ever be executed?

Do you have you indent value set to random?


Dec 03, 2010, 06:26 pm Last Edit: Dec 03, 2010, 06:48 pm by Rilart Reason: 1
My question is, what im doing wrong in the arduino code. The processing at the moment ia not a big deal.

Im a mediumi-noob at the programming stuff :(


what im doing wrong in the arduino code.

The forum is not a money making operation. As a result, our crystal ball was re-possessed.

You'll need to describe the symptoms, at the very least. Otherwise, we can just say that it must be your expectations that are wrong.

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