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Hiho All!

I'm a brazilian guy and my english isn't pretty good. So if anyone can help me i will thankful a lot!

My problem is:

How i can clear the screen on serial monitor?

like we does on #C: "system("cls");" or "clrscr;"

I've tryed "Serial.Clear", but i don't get any results, only a big red message, on my board.

Sorry about the english.



Why do you want to clear the screen? It's a debugging window.

Closing it, and reopening it will clear it. It will also restart the Arduino.

You could also write your own serial window application. That's what I did. I have a Find field, to find data in the window. I can add additional features are they occur to me.
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Or better yet, instead of using the IDE serial monitor, use a real serial terminal program. If you are using Windows I highly recommend Brey terminal, it has tons of features, it's free, it's a standalone exe file, so no installation required. Along with tons of over commands, it has a clear receive window, clear send window.




Oh, thank everybody!

i want this code, because i'm reading the deegres of a servo and sending this data by serial, and debugging in serial monitor.

But when the debug gets a lot of lines, the serial comunication with arduino stop, and i need to restart the sketch!

I only want, try to clear the serial monitor screen to stop this error...

But i going to try brayapp like lefty said.

sorry about the english, one more time.   :-/

thx everyone again!


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if your using a normal terminal program i believe the clear charter is (ascii code)12 or 13


To clear the screen in a terminal emulator, a standard clear screen command is (esc)[2J, so your code would look like this:

 Serial.print(27,BYTE);   //Print "esc"

This will not work in the Arduino Serial Monitor, so you need a terminal emulator.  Since it doesn't use a serial port, you also need a serial port emulator.  DOSBox and Procomm will work.  Both are free.

Download and install DOSBox (I am using v 0.74), then modify the config file under [serial] and set serial1=directserial realport:COM1 (or whatever COM port you are using).

In Procomm, set the appropriate baud rate, using alt-p, and no parity, 8 data bits, and 1 stop bit.

Hope this helps.


Hope this helps.

It would have a year ago or so.  ;D

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