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I've seen in the forum that some of you guys ordered from Earthshine. Were your packages shipped from UK? Did you get any replies on your inquiries?

I'm starting to get worried. 17 days since the order has been shipped + I'm getting silent treatment from the company. It doesn't take 17+ days for packages to arrive within Europe. I got some stuff from HK in 2 weeks time.

If the company makes serious business, they should at least reply to order-related e-mails. Not worth sparing few pounds :(

So much for my late-night blues. I'm changing adress in 3 weeks so I hope the kit arrives till then.


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Oh yes it can take that long.

I sent an airmail letter to France before last xmas and it took 5 weeks to get there! There was a pretty hefty snow chaos at that time though.
That's why I use registered mail as default now. It's got tracking and complaints with the carrier don't get forwarded to /dev/null instantly. If my 'customers' don't want it, they must opt-out.

There's always the option of getting delayed in customs... their ways are unfathomable. And if you happen to live in Italy... well... stuff gets lost...

Nevertheless they should at least have the courtesy to reply to your messages, although I expect they'd tell you to be patient and wait for it. If they're a serious business they're bound to have a lost shipment policy stating that you must wait for X days before they will start a inquiry. Next time get a tracking number if available. Where I come from (I always wanted to say that) it costs about 2 bucks extra. Might be worth it.


All the orders I've placed with earthshine have taken a while to arrive, but they all did arrive.


Throwing my lot in to say I didn't have the best experience with them. After ordering was told that the UNO was out of stock, so I request a cancel and refund (needed it soon), but got the silent treatment, charged, and it still arrived 2 weeks later :/


Hi, same problem, ordered myself my first arduio kit. Made the order last week, money was charged from my account but still no updates on my order. Sent Emails, even tried to call them but no luck whatsoever getting in touch with them. Anyone know what's going on ?


Im having a similar problem, ordered the starter kit last week, my payment has been taken, but no info about shipping etc. I have emailed a few times and had no reply, and none of my calls have been answered. Doesn't seem like a great way to get repeat customers when the shop is feeling more and more like a scam the longer that I dont receive any replies.


I ordered my arduino and led board from them and i live in the US. it arived in under a week. Which is weird seing as people within the UK should have them quicker than people in the US.

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