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I'm using an integrated 6DOF Inertial measurement unit called the ArduIMU+ V2 that consists of 3 axis accelerometers and gyros. Currently the set up is that the accelerometers are also measuring static acceleration (which is something I want to get rid of to obtain only dynamic acceleration). Does anyone know how I can do that?

Another difficulty encountered was that at first when I started up the IMU board, the accelerometers seemed fine and after conversion, the z-axis is in the positive downward orientation reading about 9.81m/s^2. However after some time in operation the accelerometer suddenly became -9.81m/s^2. Does anyone know a likely reason for this? Noise from motors (Electronic speed control)? Erroneous programming? Or other things I could check out?

Any help is much appreciated!! :)


rather old post, but in case you're still around...

what do you mean when you say "dynamic vs static acceleration" ? Acceleration is acceleration, meaning any change in velocity of any mass (including changes in direction).

perhaps you are referring to the force of gravity on a stationary object on the earths surface (e.g. you!) as static acceleration? If all you want is to eliminate this you could do that by setting one of the three axis in direction of gravity and subtract the gravity in all readings in that direction (i.e so it reads zero when stationary, instead of 9.8m/s/s)

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