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We are very sad to say that we didint got any suitable reply from this forum For our frequent Posts..
I hope this post will not be..!!!!

We are making a  Wifi Robot Having 4-9 movements and some Sensing Abilities like Temperature, Pressure, Metal Detection, etc.
We already have a Carserver.c in openWRT to install on the router for movements ,and we have to modify it for sensing purposes.

So can give us an openWRT Code for accept the data(from the sensors) from the serial port of the WiFi router (Linksys  WRT54GL with openWRT Firmware ) and send it to the Laptop.
If u can please help us...

Go Bless U....!!!!


If you continue to cross-post, you'll make people even less likely to help.
Please don't do it.
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What u mean by " U see the issue here"


What u mean by " U see the issue here"

Just stop the crossposting, please.

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