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Does anyone have any experience with the SLA7026M unipolar stepper motor driver working with Arduino? I'm using a 2A, 6 wire unipolar stepper motor, and i'm supplying it with +12V. I got it working earlier but now the motor doesn't want to rotate properly - it just steps backwards and forwards!
Could anyone help me out with schematics they may have used in the past?




Post what you have got and we will tell you how to fix it. If it did work you probably have them wires mixed up.


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Thanks for the reply Mike. Here is a quick Eagle schematic I made (my first post so hopefully this will link properly?) - http://www.flickr.com/photos/61504193@N08/5593139631/

I assume it is something stupid like confused wires but I've been over it so many times and still no success!

The input pins connect to 4 Arduino pins. The two common wires of the stepper are connected to +12V. The off-time delay pins don't seem to have any effect if they're connected or not.

I guess you need to look at the SLA7026M datasheet really (don't know how I can link that), but i'm driving it in Full Step operation according to the datasheet, which is:

Sequence         0       1       2       3       0
Input A            H       L       L       H       H
Input notA       L       H       H       L       L
Input B            H      H      L        L       H
Input notB       L       L       H       H       L

Hope this helps?


Does anyone have any suggestions?


I have used SLA062M based unipolar stepper driver.. you just to give it pulses through Arduino using any 2 pins. One for direction and one for steps. the ground of SLA should be common to Arduino.

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