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i'm using a lilypad accelerometer and reading the values of x,y and z but i don't know how to convert the values into gravity values, these are the results i'm getting every 0,3 secs:

x: 311 y: 307 z: 384

x: 314 y: 304 z: 391

x: 320 y: 328 z: 370

x: 309 y: 341 z: 377

x: 317 y: 340 z: 375

x: 313 y: 320 z: 381

x: 321 y: 319 z: 378

x: 320 y: 323 z: 371

x: 304 y: 309 z: 378

x: 314 y: 316 z: 374

moving it around, it only stay's in the 300's, is it normal?

and i want to do this "convert analog voltage to a gravity amount and use trigonometry to calculate a true 'angle'" can someone help me?



to do this properly you're going to want to take a careful look at the adxl330 datasheet (http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/ADXL330_0.pdf).  You want to start by mapping sensor numbers to acceleration due to gravity.  You will get 1g of acceleration on the Z axis when the acclerometer is perfectly still & flat (on a table or something) and 0g of acceleration on the X and Y axes.  See image below for orienting the other axes:

good luck & post back with your code when you work it out ;-)



Thanks for your reply leah, i'll try to do it, when i have the code i'll post it here (;


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I just went through this with the SparkFun Tri-Ax accelerometer. As leahb says, basically what you want to do is hold the device still in each of 6 orientations (e.g., z- axis straight up and z-axis straight down) to get the minimum and maximum readings for -1 g and +1 g.

E.g., for the Tri-Ax, I got analogRead() values of 520 with the z-axis pointing down and 182 with the z-axis pointing up. For a given analogRead() value Z then, the formula for g force would be the straight line:

gz = mZ + b

gz = acceleration along the z-axis in g's

m = 2/(max - min) = 2/(520 - 182) = 0.005917

and b = 1 - m*max = 1 - 0.005917*520 = -2.076

For the tilt angles, given g readings of gx, gy and gz calculated as above as floats, and using the math library (#include <math.h>):

rho = pitch angle of x-axis relative to ground = atan2(gx,sqrt(gy*gy + gz*gz))
phi = roll angle of y-axis relative to ground = atan2(gy,sqrt(gx*gx + gz*gz))
theta = angle of z-axis relative to gravity = atan2(sqrt(gx*gx + gy*gy),gz))

atan2() returns the angle in radians -PI to +PI, so multiply by 360.0/(2*PI) to convert to degrees.


I used your method of calculating pitchand roll in my project http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1231185714/30, thanks a lot!


Also see my semi-generic Accelerometer class at http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/ADXL330


Hi guys.
u think it is possible to use accelerometers for static inclination measurements?
Dan (a total newbie)


im just gonna mention this - but when u said "moving around" i hope u meant tilting it, not literally moving it from side to side... cause that would barely register any change... cause the accelerometer, i am sorry to say, measures acceleration, otherwise known as gforce, not change in position... thus if u "move around" the accelerometer from side to side, ure only accelerating for a small period of time, and thus by the time the program updates(prints out values), the value will prolly be back to the standard value, or somewhere around it... (thus u get the "around 300" on ure serial monitor)

Yeswant Abhimanyu


I am currently doing a 2 wheeled balancing cart project and i have a few doubts about the IMU. i have a IMU 5DOF frm sparkfun. it has X, Y, Z, XRATE AND YRATE. On reading a few threads here i have understood that the accelerometer gives me the acceleration and hence the tilt angle can be calculated.

what i dont understand is what do i get from the rate gyro?? all i know is when i connect it to the arduino, the serial monitor shows a voltage! how do i convert this into the angular velocity?? and why do we need to calculate this angular velocity?? i read that the rate gyro id used to calculate the angular velocity (angular rate), but dunno how to get it!!
plz help

thank u in advance


Hello all,
   I just got stuck in reading accelerometer's x, y, z-axis value,
   In fact, I'm not sure that should I plug lilypad's "+" to arduino's  
   5V and "-" to GND pin? thanks!



well~ I got the answer ;P


I'm sorry total noob, but why does m=2 in the equation?

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