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Hi, I'm new here.

One for the bizarre file :-

Every time I read, or say the word Arduino out loud, I hear it sung in my head to the tune of Mona Lisa by Nat King Cole. Anyone else?

I may have something more useful to contribute later!

regards, Stephen.


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Well that's odd because whenever I here the word I think of that Tom Jones song Delilah. In fact I have written a whole verse, maybe some one could sing it?

I saw the flickering lights of your LEDs loading,
I saw the flickering bytes that I coded so blind,
She was my dev board,
As she did nothing I watched and went out of my mind.

My, my, my, Ar-duino
Why, why, why, Ar-duino
I could see that board was no good for me,
But I was lost like a slave that no man could free.

At break of day I just posted a note on the forum,
I looked at the replies only to find I was dumb,
It lay there laughing,
I felt the iron in my hand and it laughed no more.

My, my, my, Ar-duino
Why, why, why, Ar-duino
So before they come to break down the door,
Forgive me Arduino I just couldn't take any more.


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