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Has anybody ever ordered anything from earthshine electronics in the UK? I live in california and i ordered an arduino uno starter kit and they said they shipped it November 23 2010 but i still have not recieved anything. Is this a reliable website?

Mike Mc

Yes we are a reliable website. We cannot vouch for the postal services though.

Please email me at sales@earthshineelectronics.com and we will sort this out for you. Thanks.


Yes we are a reliable website. We cannot vouch for the postal services though.

Haha I knew that was coming :D

Yeah they're not going to rob you of your money or anything.

Mike Mc

It's crazy how long some things take from the Uk to the US. Typically it is around a week, but recently a customers order took 7 weeks to arrive !! That's just nuts. I know for a fact it left the UK about 3 days after posting so what the USPS where doing with it after that god only knows.  ::) Thankfully such occurences are not all that common.

Leon Heller

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It took a very long time for them to get a Duemilanove board to me, and I'm in the UK! They insisted it had been posted, but when I eventually got it, it had actually been sent a couple of days earlier! I wouldn't have minded if they had said in the first place that it would be delayed a couple of weeks. The price was very good, though, and it was a good quality board.
Leon Heller


I blame customs and slow boats across the Atlantic.   ;)


It's why you guys lost the empire.  ;)


Bah, we gave too much back....and we still ended up stuck with Wales!


It is the US customs mucking things up.
a customers order took 7 weeks to arrive !!

I've sent a parcel to the US once, took over 6 months to reach its destination.
No, you didn't read that wrong, I didn't mean 6 days, nor did I mean 6 weeks, I do in fact mean months. While we gave up on it (after doing some effort) after 2 months, it shocked us even more that it showed up 4 months after we last spoke of it...

While my case is probably a fairly extreme example, massive delays for stuff going into the US isn't all that awkward. I wouldn't expect it, but it can happen.


And yet I've bought dozens of things on E-bay from asia sellers and they almost all come 10-11 days on the nose, I few in 14 days. I think it's all the tea breaks you guys take. Hell it takes two weeks for stuff from Canada to get to me, so it has to be a commonwealth thingee/problem.  ;)


Dec 23, 2010, 10:06 am Last Edit: Dec 23, 2010, 10:06 am by robtillaart Reason: 1
I think customs like the arduino's so much, they started tinkering and forgot time. And now they are figuring out how to straighten all the wires of all resistors again :)
Rob Tillaart

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