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[size=16][font=Arial]Want a decent user interface for Arduino?  Try this ...[/font][/size]

I've developed a color LCD shield that uses Nokia 6100 LCD & a 5 direction joystick, it has features such as --

  • Use popular Nokia 6100 LCD (Philips controller), 4K color and 128x128 pixels.
  • Directly plug into the Arduino or Freeduino board
  • Has a 5-direction Joystick , but only use ONE ADC PIN on Arudino.
  • Supplied with fully functional Arduino library & demo application sketch.

The Nokia_lcd library provides basic graphic functions that can draw pixels, lines, characters, bitmaps, boxes, circles and etc.  The Demo application also provide an interrupt-driven Joystick control routine, which can be used to accept user inputs and menu navigation.

The schematic & the Nokia_lcd library can be downloaded from my website, link - http://www.nuelectronics.com/estore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=10

Here are photos of the Demo application --


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Nice one!



Very nice! :)
Looks like it would be fun to play with


great :)
the joystick looks a little small anyway..


As a matter of interest, what's your source for the joystick part?



has anyone bought one of these?
Are they any good?



Joystick looks like this, or something similar:


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Thanks for the link, seeedstudio also found some for me but seems like they are out of stock now.



does anyone know where to find the Nokia_lcd library as the link on http://www.nuelectronics.com/estore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=10 does not work for me and the page says:
'A Project note for the Color LCD & keypad shield will be published soon.'
:-[ :'(


I created two applications for Nokia LCD: clock and reversi.
You can find them here:



andyp, very very nice.  These two examples will go a long way to getting people making more great games and gadgets.

James G

Cool!  I'll have to buy one of these soon.  It'd be good to have an Arduino board based on the Arduino mini with one of these screens built-in and a battery; with the power of the Arduino board, it could operate portable sensors, gadgets, games, and whatever you like!


Looks good, can't wait to get my hands on one of these...  ;)

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