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I know that there is already a very nice .net class to communicate to Arduino via the Firmata protocol. But!

unfortunately this protocol has no support for the use of character LCD.
So i decided to develop my own Sketch and .NET Class so i can create projects involving I/O and LCD.

This is a very EASY TO USE class for beginners and advanced .NET Developers.

The link below will download the Class and Sketch. that is all you need
to start using Arduino!


I also included a very nice set of User Controls Switchs you can use in your project.

You can download this controls with the link below.


* This Class has no support for servo motors YET!  that's because i don't have a servo motor.
I will add a servo support as soon as i will own one... (Very soon).

* The "digital Message Receive" Event Raises on a seperate thread.
so if you want to update your form controls inside the event procedure add the line:

CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls = False at the form Load Event.

* The Class Developed for the use of Arduino Duamilanove 328 boards but i guess it will work on other boards too.

* The Class supports for a maximum of 13 digital pins.
* Using The LCD support requires you to enable the LCD Engine from the sketch file by removing the
from the start of the line : //  LiquidCrystal lcd(lcdRS,lcdEN,lcdDB11,lcdDB12,lcdDB13,lcdDB14);

* Also change the Pin Number Constants in the sketch according to your project.

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