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Repost - Confused before, sorry!

Hi everyone, I have been reading the forums and all about peoples projects which involve an Arduino-Android Interface. My question is this - instead of utilising a host shield on the arduino, making the android device a slave, is it possible to slave the arduino to an android usb host (Such as the ZTE blade, which works well with microbridge, and also supports the OTG hardware/protocols).

I would like to setup the android device as a control and command device for the arduino board, although I dont know how to actually create this interface, as everybody seems to use the arduino usb host shield, which I dont want to be spending on at the minute.

I see it like this:
When connected to the computer, the arduino is slave, and accepts commands from the computer -- so why can't this happen using the android as usb host? If i could implement the ADB protocl to communicate, I could interact with the arduino via ADB Shell, issuing Serial commands to the arduino device.

I'm really interested in he potential for this, due to the phones capabilities - Internet connectivity, sensors, camera feed etc...Starting with the very basics though haha

Thank you :)


As an alternative, how could i make a DIY Arduino-Android Interface using either Bluetooth, WiFi, or this http://pcengines.ch/wrusb1a.htm?
I have several spare miniPCI/PCI Express WiFi cards, usb wifi cards, various bluetooth dongles (including a belkin f8t012) -- might i be able to cannibalise any of these, bypassing the USB interface to set up a raw Tx/Rx connection?


Never mind, have a WRT54GS, am going to 'port' this tutorial to that device http://kennethfinnegan.blogspot.com/2010/09/hacking-wrt54gl-serial-port.html

Shall post progress etc once i get going, this will be next week :) Then to create wifi interface between androind handset and arduino via the WRT, this should be a lot more simple.

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