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Hi @all

I'm going to build a motorized slider for time lapse photography. I wanted to have a menu for adjusting some parameters and select different modes. I spent a lot of time in developing a own menu structure, tried the MenuBackend Library but ended up with changing an other existing menu library (http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1242443739).

I think that it was made for a pre-Arduino1.0 so I had to alter some things. It also used the digital ports and a 4x20 LCD. I changed it to operate with my LCD shield(http://www.sainsmart.com/home-page-view/sainsmart-1602-lcd-keypad-shield-for-arduino-duemilanove-uno-mega2560-mega1280.html) which has a 2x16 LCD with a analog port keypad.
It's just a quick&dirty solution - so feel free to change and share your ideas.

I hope you like it - please comment!


Thanks for sharing. In spirit of sharing, here's mine :)


It supports an endless amount of input devices, analog buttons, digital, keypads, rotary encoder, serial keypads...


Great library... Works fine!!!  :) Thanx a lot for this. Helped me in my project. I would say best LCD Menu library (that I have seen and used) without needing additional hardware... :D
I would recommend this for Arduino Wiki page... :)


Do you guys know how to initialize LCD without using the LiquidCrystal library on Arduino? I totally new and I wanted to understand how to the initialization process. I have the hitachi 2x16 LCD.

Please do not cross post and please start a new thread for a new topic.  You have tacked this unrelated question onto at least one other thread and I answered it there.



If you think it can be usefull for you , here's mine MENWIZ
It now support New LiquidCrystal libary able to use 4/8 wires LCD same as Serial, I2C and other interfaces. It supports also different screen sizes.
May be not the best, but I think quite simple and still in progress.


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