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Thinking of using your arduino in a DIY midi controller project? It's not that hard if you know where to look....

A lot of stuff is already written about this subject on this forum and the web. Ive been gathering information slowly over the last month and I thought it might be usefull to others to have most of the relevant info in one place. This is an open thread, if you think something is missing or needs updating, please do so.

[glow]midi interfacing[/glow]

The way to go for simple plug and play midi output.
midi out. straight forward, cheap and simple.
another midi out
midi in.
power and  "real" midi over usb? No problem with this easy tutorial.

-software serial to midi
(windows only at the moment, please add support for mac)
In my experience this is just for testing and simple controls. You always need a virtual midi aplication(midiyoke) and a standalone serial to midi converter(can be max or pd). This creates a lot of delay, 23ms in some cases, and is i.m.h.o. backwards engineering.
works pretty well and a nice way of testing your first midi controls
look for the midiyoke download, simple efficient virtual midi port. I got it working with s2midi in ableton without issues.
a lot of discussion, but some really valuable info about serial to midi

-software serial
really nice for making synths and just tinkering with sounds.
simple and very usefull. has some examples and you can use it with any max/msp patch

[glow]sending MIDI[/glow]
Learn, hack and copy/paste. You dont need to be a programming genius for this.
everything you need to know about how to make a midicontroller with pots and switches, code and schematics included.
the well known midi library wich makes programming your arduino for midi a breeze.
6 analog sensors to midi cc with code
32 pots to midi with code
ps2 device(mouse, trackpad) to midi with code
open source midi interface for the arduino. lots of documentation and code
lava lamp random madness

[glow]examples of arduino powered midi controllers[/glow]
scavenge a ps2 touchpad and make a x/y touch controller
MIDI glove
monome clone
very nice and simple sequencer project
simple 6 pot midi controller
midi sneakers  smiley
midi mod

[glow]very usefull stuff about arduino and sound[/glow]
little scale is amazing, he did all the testing so you dont have to  smiley-wink credits to little scale for taking arduino and sound/midi to the next level.
very complete guide to sound on arduino.

Lets see those crazy midi controllers

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thanks alot for the good reaserch. I was just starting my own so i already had half those sites but man you saved me alot of time. Did you do a midi project yourself and if you did what was it??

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