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Author Topic: IR Transmitter + IR Receiver + Stepper Motor + Arduino Uno + LED's + LDR  (Read 1427 times)
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Am building an automatic railway gate control and track switching. Am making use of an IR transmitter and  IR receiver circuits, a stepper motor, some LED's and the arduino Uno.
The IR transmitter is placed on one side of the railway and the receiver at the other. If the train interrupts the IR transmission, a signal is sent to the arduino it then checks if the gate is clear for the train to pass(there is an LDR at the gate to check for obstacles in the way), if the gate is clear, the LED for motorist switches to red and that for the train driver to green. The gate then closes for the train to pass and prevents vehicles from crossing and the gate opens for vehicles to cross after some seconds.
In the case where there is an object at the gate, the gate should stay open and led for vehicles should be green and red for the train driver to stop telling him the gate is not clear.

Need help to engineer the whole process using the arduino uno.

* IR transmitter.JPG (21.73 KB, 437x352 - viewed 64 times.)

* IR receiver.JPG (26.74 KB, 531x354 - viewed 53 times.)

* stepper_motor_uno.JPG (22.58 KB, 517x207 - viewed 55 times.)

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