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I have just bought a book entitled "Taking the next step with Arduino" by Steve Gold

Within 2 minutes of opening the package I contacted Amazon to return it.
The text is all in an unnecessarily large font and double or triple spaced with extremely large margins all done to bulk out the near non-existent content to fill a slender volume.

It has no diagrams, no programming information and no technical information whatsoever. It is nothing short of being a simple con job.

I'm too old to pursue it with the Trading Standards people but someone should.



The author definitely pays for fake Amazon reviews on his books:

By Candi A. Slocumon May 26, 2017:
The author must be a verified arduino expert and knows what he should include and what to exclude. He describes the menu bar settings to the sketch implementation and different aspects how the program should create based on its work style
By Superb Brooks Rufuson May 29, 2017
The creator must be a checked arduino master and comprehends what he ought to incorporate and what to bar. He portrays the menu bar settings to the outline execution and distinctive angles how the program ought to make in light of its work style.
You should definitely consider leaving a review on Amazon, you could just copy and past what you wrote here so it will only take a minute.


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