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Well it has a lowish input impedance, that might affect the oscillator.
Programming Questions / Re: RFID issues
Last post by Delta_G - Today at 11:09 pm
Looks like you need Serial.print(masterid); at the end of loop and you're done.  What am I missing here?
Project Guidance / Re: eprom to lcd
Last post by Due_unto - Today at 11:08 pm
Interesting.  The link goes to a 32 pin, PLCC, One time programmable, parallel interface device.  It has a 16 bit  address bus, 8 bit output, and 3 control inputs - 27 i/o pins plus power.  Are you using a Mega?
Motors, Mechanics, and Power / Re: 5 dcmotors
Last post by Vincent70758 - Today at 11:08 pm
I'm trying to use 12v dc motors or lower?
Programming Questions / Re: I need help
Last post by Delta_G - Today at 11:07 pm
Oh, now there's 2.4GHz involved.  You didn't mention that before. 

You're building a remote control.   How hard would it have been to just say that?  I thought you were trying to capture a signal being sent to a servo.  Wow man, what a waste of f*^%ing time you've been. 

See, I've been sitting here with absolutely nothing to do and shitty weather outside and I could have written your code for you.  I was looking for something to do.  But you wasted so much time being obstinate that now it is afternoon and I'm not interested anymore.  Good job man!
Deutsch / Serielle "Telegramme" auswerte...
Last post by Waldobert - Today at 11:07 pm
Hallo, ich will folgendes realisieren:

Ich bekomme über Seriell folgende Daten herein:

  • A (Als Buchstabe)
  • B (Als Buchstabe)
  • Werte zwischen 0 und 100%

Wenn ich A empfange, soll Pin7 High und Pin8 Low geschaltet werden,
Wenn ich B empfange, soll Pin7 Low und Pin8 High geschaltet werden.

Der Rest soll auf einem 2x16 LCD Ausgegeben werden, also an sich nur die %, die ich empfange.

Allerdings funktionieren nur die Ausgänge, nicht aber das LCD. Wenn es gut läuft, bekomme ich einen ausgefüllten "Block" auf dem Display oder sonstiges.

Und was noch auftritt: Es werden teils Teile beim Empfangen abgehackt -> aus 1234 wird 234 oder 34, Hallo -> allo oder llo. usw.

Code: [Select]
#include <LiquidCrystal.h>

LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2);

void setup() {

  pinMode(7, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(8, OUTPUT);

  lcd.begin(16, 2);


void loop()


  char data =;
  if (data == 'A')
     digitalWrite(8, LOW);
     digitalWrite(7, HIGH);

    else if (data == 'B')
       digitalWrite(7, LOW);
       digitalWrite(8, HIGH);

Hat jemand ne Idee und kann sie mir als Arduino-Neuling gut erklären? Danke
Project Guidance / Re: grbl / arduino CNC softwar...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 11:06 pm
Thanks for clerifying.  Turns out that the problem was a bad UNO. 
Glad to hear you have solved it. Faulty hardware can be very frustrating - especially because it is relatively unusual.

Just out of curiosity was the fault in a genuine Arduino Uno or in a cheaper clone?

Programming Questions / Re: SBUS protocol stucture
Last post by marco_c - Today at 11:06 pm
Project Guidance / Re: Smart Pillow (Don't know w...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 11:03 pm
I'm not studying something even related to this stuff, it's not my field of study i was surprised by the project the instructor told us about...
Then maybe all the teacher really wants you to do is to say NO and to explain why it is beyond your capabilities based on what you have been taught so far.

You would be amazed at the number of people who don't know how to say NO when that is the correct thing to do.

Software / Re: Consigli su invio dati tr...
Last post by ghiso983 - Today at 11:02 pm
Non cambia nulla a parte che posso eliminare parti di codice inutile (quindi servito è servito), però il tempo di risposta rimane enorme.
Il problema però è di processing in quanto se mando il comando tramite ide arduino il cambio della luminosità è immediato!
Quindi grazie dell'aiuto!
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