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Displays / Using TFT Display for the firs...
Last post by chrisdomy - Today at 12:20 am
Hi guys,

I am currently working on a project to automate a set of blinds. I have set up the blinds themselves to work with a stepper motor, and have written code to change the blinds position based on an LDR.
Now i want to make several 'modes' for the blinds, like having them on a timer, or taking an average over a couple of minutes. I'm fairly sure i can write the code for these modes, however, i want to use a touchscreen to change the modes, like having the screen separated into 4 sections, one for each mode.
However, i am fairly new to coding, and have absolutely no idea where to start.
Can anyone offer any advice please? What are some good guides for me to look at, does anyone have any experience doing similar things? Is it even feasible?
I apologise if this sounds stupid, or has already been asked somewhere else, but i am quite new to all of this.
If i have missed anything out, please ask and i will try to answer as best as i can.

Thank you,
Sensors / Re: HM6343 Calibration
Last post by jremington - Today at 12:18 am
I am trying now to change to a different sensor.
This is what I advised the OP to do quite some time ago.

With proper calibration you can do much, much better than the HMC6343 at a tiny fraction of the cost, for example, Pololu's LSM303D.
Sensors / Re: 4bar bosch map sensor cali...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 12:17 am
If zero bar is 1.6volt, then the 'offset' value in the sketch from post#8 must be 1.6 / 5 * 1024 = ~328.
That 'fullscale value is calculted for max pressure at 4.5volt, so remains 4.5 / 5 * 1024 = ~922.

So just change offset = 102 to offset = 328,
and change 4.0 to 3.0 in case you're using a 3bar sensor.
You don't have to connect any LEDs for the example I posted, it uses the internal LED. Try it, and try to understand how it works. Then you can expand it to two LEDs and more buttons.
Sounds great so far. Thanks for the update.

One more thing, For some MX29L3211, I have to read, erase then blank check before I can actually write. I got 10pcs here and and only 1 would erase, blank check and be empty before i can write. The other 9, i have to read them first. Otherwise they would fail the blank check.
Software / EMONCMS - come si installa un'...
Last post by Gianni64 - Today at 12:14 am
Ciao a tutti, sto sperimentando con Emoncms e, se con la versione cloud non ho avuto grossi problemi, non ho capito come devo fare per installare una versione locale sul mio PC o sul RPI. Qualcuno mi sa dare una dritta o un link se la domanda è già stata posta?

Steppers are very inefficient and generally, horrible for battery operated devices.

For the stepper to maintain position, in most cases you need to keep it powered all the time, making it nearly impossible to get decent battery life.

So, for the moment, forget the "sleep" option, and concentrate on the electromechanical part.

With the high gear ratio of the 28BJY motor, you might be able to turn it off and not lose position. But verify that first.
Project Guidance / Re: nrf 2401 w/ code rf24.h by...
Last post by avr_fred - Today at 12:09 am
Console baud rate? It needs to be the same speed used in Serial.Begin(). I'd look at your code and tell you but I cannot do that since I'm using a tablet and you attached your code rather than inserting it inline with code tags (the </> icon).
I just sharing my experiences.  I have spoken to well over 100 State of California state licensed professionals.  They had to pass some test to be a licensed professional.
But not all of them are like that, right? Just like any population or group.... a handful can be inadequate or bad. But not all are like that.
Project Guidance / Re: Measuring Altitude and Dep...
Last post by Willyson - Today at 12:06 am
The manual part is meant for testing - to see which parachutes and deployment systems work. That way you can test that separately from the automatic release part.
Ah - I see.

How long would it take to set something like that up with Arduino?

I'm in a limited and strict timeframe unfortunately.
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