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Your Switcher class uses millis() and loop() contains a delay()

Is that a good idea I wonder ?
MKRWAN1300 / Mkrwan limitations
Last post by jbreslin - Today at 06:14 pm

I am trying to find a list of any restrictions built into the firmware of the module.

Our network can handle packets of greater than 51 bytes but despite changing the speed setting I cannot get over that restriction or others such as static dev_eui and minimum poll time.

Is there a document or source that I can get a definitive position?

Robotics / Re: Micromouse w/o encoders UR...
Last post by alex35748954 - Today at 06:14 pm
Why can you not use encoders?
Because that's the task our teacher gave
Our teacher gave our class a contest and I really hope that I can get good grade on it
So, I came here to ask

Français / Re: Lecture entrée audio
Last post by erwan3110 - Today at 06:14 pm
Oui biensur j'ai branché le 3,3 au AREF, mais j'ai oublié pour la résistance  :o

Je recommence

Merci  ;)
Project Guidance / Re: Help with a part
Last post by vinceherman - Today at 06:14 pm
I think it is an Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator.
Don't worry.  Marvin could not see it either.
Français / Re: Lecture entrée audio
Last post by hbachetti - Today at 06:13 pm

Il ne suffit pas de modifier le programme :
Il faut aussi brancher le 3.3V sur la pin AREF.
Deuxièmement ta résistance 2.2K supérieure ne doit plus être connectée au 5V mais aussi au 3.3.

Deutsch / Re: FIS für Motorrad
Last post by Aceli - Today at 06:11 pm
okay besten dank.

klammer problem behoben... aber das andere verstehe ich noch nicht ganz....

wie kann ich das ändern?

und was genau meinst du mit, "Denke, Du möchtest auch hier alle Einzelwerte zusammen rechnen und dann durch die Anzahl der Einzelwerte zu teilen."

sind ja zwei eigenständige sensoren die unterschiedliche Werte anzeigen.
Robotics / Re: Micromouse w/o encoders UR...
Last post by vinceherman - Today at 06:10 pm
Why can you not use encoders?
General Electronics / Re: Large 7 segment clock
Last post by MarkT - Today at 06:10 pm
The TC446x series of quad low-side MOSFET drivers might be useful upto 18V supply - overkill but
you get 4 drivers in one DIL package, although you probably need diodes on the output as them
have totem pole outputs.
Local Groups / Re: Active user groups
Last post by polymorph - Today at 06:09 pm
I've been waiting since June. Haven't heard anything back yet.
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