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Project Guidance / Re: PLEASE HELP ME
Last post by TolpuddleSartre - Today at 09:50 pm
Please post your code too.
Displays / Re: lcd.clear is'nt working we...
Last post by surbyte - Today at 09:49 pm
@arielsho04 don't cross post threads!!
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Displays / Re: 2.8" TFT LCD Shield SD Soc...
Last post by david_prentice - Today at 09:49 pm
From the current UTFT version.txt
Code: [Select]

2.81 21 May 2015  -  fixed a bug which stopped the library from compiling with Arduino 1.6.x
2.82 12 Jul 2016  -  added support for the new 3.2" (Rev2 ILI9341-based) display module from Coldtears
TFT controllers used only by display modules and shields that have been retired are now disabled by default

Version 2.8.2 does not have an entry #32.   v2.8.1 was released well before File date 3/31/2016.   I can only assume that you have a hacked version.

If it works with HX8347-I then you are fine.   Note that
Code: [Select]

#define HX8347A 0

implies that Mr Karlsen supported HX8347-I as the very first controller.


Ok gotcha... I think I'm gonna return this shitty promicro clone and take an original Leonardo; however the promicro is pretty nice because I can hook up the 3.3v RFID card reader without using a stepdown
What's the module response to  AT+CPIN?  command ?
+CREG: 0,0 indicates  that the module isn't registered and that MT is not currently searching a new operator to register to.
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Please @GN1TE don't cross post!!
Generale / Re: Led RGB indirizzabili
Last post by brunello22 - Today at 09:47 pm
Puoi sempre prenderne 2 da 5V 10A
No, my bootloader was corrupted.
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Programming Questions / Re: ECG, FFT and IFFT
Last post by blackleg15 - Today at 09:45 pm
I am a college student of Information Technology. Actually, all of this is a research project.

I'm 19 years old.

I saw my teacher spreading it and I became interested. I really appreciate it.

But... I know just a little bit of information.

However, 4 friends of mine are helping me, even my teacher.
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