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That's a lot of code shrikant_arts!!

Here how to use a really cool feature of this website:

Edit your last post by typing "[code]" right before your code lines and then "[/code]" right after it. All of your code will be put into a scrolling frame that uses a monospaced font. The code can easily be copied whole, and doesn't take up nearly so much room!

I'm thinking of buying the 'Adafruit "Music Maker" MP3 Shield for Arduino w/3W Stereo Amp - v1.0' from Adafruit : and was wondering how you program it.
Project Guidance / Re: Lab bench supply from 24vd...
Last post by Anvay - Today at 04:57 am
I don't have a good idea about current drawn by components. Can you give me some idea about the current required by some electronic components. Like what components cannot be used with 1amps and 2 amps respectively, so that i can decide my requirements.
232, fair point.  As I'm still learning, I find it useful sometimes to just comment with what the line is doing in plain english, even if it's not really useful for others.  But I'll try to be more descriptive.
could anyone please help me to write the code?
This adafruit tutorial shows how to connect and read an ldr. Do you have it connected in a divider like they show? You will need to experiment to find a threshold that reliably defines your meter's light as "on" or "off". Once you've got that, have a look at this State Change Detection tutorial to show how to count inputs.

Project Guidance / Re: How to use RTC value as SD...
Last post by jstguk - Today at 04:55 am
Are you able to get the date,time values that you want from the RTC?
I am able to get the correct date/time from the RTC, but had removed the serial print portion of the code to simplify.

If serial print function is used i get the following:

"Setup Begins
SD Card initialisation completed successfully
21/02/2018 11:46:54, 1 data value now 476
21/02/2018 11:46:55, 2 data value now 476
21/02/2018 11:46:56, 3 data value now 476" etc.

Your code seems a bit garbled but essentially the same as mine, although I'm not sure removing the card "without restarting" is such a great idea.

You can check the clock and set the filename in Setup.
You can check the date in the loop thereby only needing to set the filername if the day has changed, i.e. after midnight e.g.
Code: [Select]

  if (today != day)
   today = day;

Thanks Nick, will try this today. Would you be able to send over your code for me to compare to make sure i'm going along the right lines?

Thanks in advance!
we are planning to do a project on iot based energy meter.  For that we need to count the num er of blinks of energy meter using ldr. ldr is connected to pin 2 of the arduino board. could anyone please help me to write the code?
what have you tried so far ?

have you looked at the Example sketch AnalogInput.ino ?

find out what analogRead() values correspond to the LDR reading "off" and "on".
Programming Questions / Re: Preprocessor tricks to det...
Last post by 232 - Today at 04:53 am
Take a look at this link , my post #3

I did try my best, but basically each .h/.cpp pair gets compiled to object files first so each pair needs to have its own  and correct #includes.

Standard #ifndef #includes guard or #pragma is still required if the #includes headers /cpp have multiple entries so the .h /.cpp pair uses them only once.
Product Design / Re: PCB adapter board design, ...
Last post by 1steve - Today at 04:51 am
It is not that hard to design a component one that has the hole location where you want them.
Or use a 1 pin connector. Use different 1 pin connector for different sizes holes. If you put them in a schematic you can run traces between.
ya busque en internet el codigo pero no se puede compilar porque?
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