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 hello everyone i have a 2 optical mouse. everest sm-82u. they are working fine. my question is can i used my project? my project is 3 pedal (gas, brake, clutch) shifter and steering wheel.  i got it pedals and shifter,  left a one step. steering wheel.


I have no clue what your talking about.  (sorry)

What is:  "sm-82u"

What does 1 or even 2 optical mouses have to do with anything?

What steering wheel hardware are you attempting to use?  What does it output?

Links?  Pics?


There is a usb shield that will let you attach a USB mouse to and Arduino. Not sure how you would handle two though, it might get complicated.

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im sorry i cant talk english very vell its a "everest sm-82u" model name of mouse. i have 2 this. and my problem is what i used or what i removed in  mouse? i try to used 3 pin encoder(i removed in mouse) but isnt work stable.


ok.. so to summarize...

You are trying to use a MOUSE (ie: mouse movement) to act as a steering wheel for your project... correct?

What is this end project?  What do the pedals, shifter and steering wheel interact with?  An existing game?  a PC?  An Arduino sketch?

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