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Project Guidance / Re: rectified AC phase control
Last post by dgueorguiev - Today at 08:02 pm
I check the optocoupler it is H11AA1 -0343K . I ordered from mouser electronic
General Discussion / Re: Where To Find Specific Col...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 08:01 pm
Oh, didn't think that mattered. 
I doubt if you are going to order from a European supplier any more than I would be prepared to pay shipping costs from the USA.

Français / panne module bluetooth HM soft
Last post by lechris - Today at 07:59 pm
bonjour, j'étais en train de paramétrer ma carte bluetooth avec les commandes AT du constructeur sur le moniteur série de l'Arduino ; en particulier je changeais les bauds de 9600 à 57200 (AT+BAUD3). la réponse fut 4800 ; j'ai voulu changer de nouveau en retapant la commande mais le module ne répondais plus (plus de OK  après l'envoi de AT). J'ai tout éteint et reconnecté : rien ; le module bluetooth est toujours vu sur mon pc ou mon smartphone mais je ne peux plus paramétrer.
Quelqu'un a t-il une solution avant que je ne rachète un nouveau module ?
merci d'avance
Hello and first of all, scuse me for my bad english.

Just for my bad english, i am not able to understand your explanation, and so, i need some help....

Well, first step, is totally removing 511, is it ok? Or can i only disconnect some pins?

Second step:
If i totally remove 511, i have so 8 free pins. I need to connect pins 1 and 2 via 47ohm resistor and pin 3 and 6 via 47ohm resistor. Is it correct?

And the other pins? Must i leave them free?

Thank you very much for your response and please, scuse me very much for my bad english.....

Ema from Italy.
You still doing something like this:
 DS3231  rtc(SDA, SCL);
in your new code (didn't see it in what you posted)
 if so, and if using the arduino uno, then it seems that the library would set SCL to output, yet your reading it with:
 valh = analogRead(5);

Not sure, but maybe that has "something" to do with a problem?
I'm sorry. I really am not a native speaker of english. I am not sure I understand what you mean. The owner of this (new) code, which is in my main post above, meant this code for arduino nano. But I don't know if that has to do with anything.

Additionally, like I said I am not very knowledgeable about electronics. So,  please don't be sarcastic.

I tried some troubleshooting on my own and removed the cables going to A2, A1 (arduino) and the problem seems to be gone. So, it is definitately related to buttons.

do you think I should change it to analog read instead of digital read?

or perhaps,  use valm<800 equation instead of valm==HIGH??

Deutsch / Re: Laser Parcours ist feritg
Last post by ElEspanol - Today at 07:58 pm
Kein Video?
Programming Questions / Re: Can Some one verify this?
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 07:57 pm
its quite upsetting at times, work so hard to make something nice and people immediately set out to break it .
I have had a few experiences where I created something for my own use that works perfectly for me and the first time a friend tried it he did something perfectly sensible that I had not allowed for and it failed. There was no sense that my friend was trying to find fault - he was just doing what he thought was correct.

I think I would draw the line at building something if I knew the work was not going to be appreciated, and especially if it people were deliberately going to try to make it fail.

Part of the problem is that because you produce stuff people think it takes no effort.

Sensors / Re: MPX5700GP pressure sensor
Last post by Wawa - Today at 07:57 pm
Edit: Stop using other sketches. The second sketch in post#1 works perfectly after calibrating.

Are these values without any pressure on the sensor?
Did you read the comments of the sketch?
You need to adjust some of the values for YOUR sensor/setup.

1) remove the hoses from the sensor, and change the offset value (and re-upload the sketch) until the serial monitor is as close to zero as possible. This is the "410" value if you use the second (better) sketch.
Do it in small steps, e.g. 400 or 395.

2) You can skip this part, but if you have the means of calibrating the sensor then:
Connect the hoses again, and put a known pressure on the sensor.
Adjust the max pressure(span) value (and re-upload every time), until the value on the serial monitor shows the same value as the known pressure.
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Is there a chance that I damaged the DWM1000 module while soldering it and that's why it behaves funny?
It's possbile but I don't believe so. This sounds more like a bad soldering point. Use a magnifying glass to check every soldering point and resolder it if it doesn't shine.
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