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Project Guidance / Need help with my air conditio...
Last post by Souza41 - Today at 11:08 am
Hi guys,

I'm new here and new in programming arduindo aswell. I need to control more than one air conditioner, to be specific I need to control seven. I could control one air by using the library IRremote, but the code sticks me to just one port, 3 or 9. Would be it possible to use more than just one port? I'm sorry for my english.
The information is very interesting and helpful. Thanks for the new knowledge.
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Deutsch / Re: Relais über Raspberry und ...
Last post by combie - Today at 11:07 am
So ein RPI, kann ganz klasse über USB->Serial mit dem Arduino quatschen.

Ich sehe das Problem daran nicht.
Generale / Re: Pavimento sensibile alle v...
Last post by docdoc - Today at 11:07 am
Concordo con Standardoil, se fosse un progetto dedicato a persone disabili sarebbe una cosa ben più che positiva (ed anche un maggior stimolo ad aiutarti), ma ripeto, se anche volessi tenere lo scopo reale per te, sarebbe bastato non "ciurlare nel manico" e dare un esempio di applicazione come avevo suggerito. Se pensi di farne un progetto open, appena avrai fatto il tuo prototipo avresti potuto comunque dare le informazioni "di base" e relative solo al problema specifico. Se lasci tutto nel vago, dicendo che è un progetto per persone con disabilità ma che vuoi tenerlo per te per non farti "rubare" l'idea ma che non vuoi guadagnarci, beh, scusa ma sono concetti un pochino in contrasto tra loro non trovi?
Comunque fai come credi, puoi anche terminare qui visto che pare che il problema che ti interessava lo hai risolto, qui nessuno voleva rubarti nessuna idea né lucrare sulle tue.

PS: Ma, scusa, neanche il contrario ossia potrebbe seccarci un poco se tu sfrutti la nostra buona volontà per lucrarci tu in qualche modo... Ma non voglio saperlo, ti prego, finiamola qui.
Deutsch / Re: Schräg-, Bindestriche und ...
Last post by uwefed - Today at 11:06 am
Welche Schrägstriche?

Vieleicht solltest Du ein 2-dimensionales Array verwenden statt eines Arrays von strings.

Dann einfach den innhalt des Arrays an der gesuchten Position mir "-" bzw "." vergleichen.

Grüße Uwe
thank you for this information  :)

I've been working on it now for some days and cant find an awnser on it. I've got several of these wifi cards from Hi-Link given by my brother and want to use them. The thing is i have it now working on the teensy but i cant get it working on the uno. Probably due the begin() settings with inversion?!  This is what i have.

Code: [Select]

void setup() {
   Serial.begin(57600, SERIAL_8N1);

void loop() {

(The HLK-RM04 is also set to 57600,8,n,1) The output on the arduino uno isnt right. This is what i get with telnet:

Code: [Select]


I have tried different settings on the SERIAL_8N1 but nothing is working. I also had this problem with the Teensy 3.6. But the solution to that problem was to use the Inverted settings on begin() by setting the proppeties to SERIAL_8N1_RXINV_TXINV.

The working Teensy code is this:

Code: [Select]

void setup() {
   Serial.begin(115200, SERIAL_8N1_RXINV_TXINV);

void loop() {


Code: [Select]


The speed is set higher to the Teensy and the HLK module.

Its a strange thing and i cannot figure out what i can change or how i can let it work on the Arduino UNO. I also tried with different settings nothing worked. Also without settings.

Im out of options, does someone know the solution or how i can set the UNO to the settings like the Teensy?! With the RXINV_TXINV option?!




The connections:

Teensy 3.6 & HLK:

rx -> tx
tx -> rx
gnd -> gnd

The HLK is connected with a seperated 5v. Becourse the Teensy is 3.3v.

Arduino UNO & HLK:

rx -> tx
tx -> rx
+5v -> +5v
gnd -> gnd

The Arduino UNO is also powering the HLK modul.

Deutsch / Re: Frage zum Vorwiderstand
Last post by gregorss - Today at 11:04 am
Die WS2812 brauchen auch nur 1 (Schutz)Widerstand.  ;D  ;D
Also gut. Du hast gewonnen. Den Gewinn, einen 1 MOhm-Widerstand schicke ich Dir, nachdem ich 5 100 kOhm-Widerstände bekommen habe. D. h, Du hast quasi verdoppelt!


Fine. I'll go back to S/E where people don't get hung up that you posted your code to a publicly available website that has been around longer than Arduinos. About 3 years ago I had the misfortune of downloading a .ino from the arduino forums that was actually a disguised exe fork bomb. I for one don't like having to download other people's code to my local machine in order to view it.
Deutsch / Re: Schräg-, Bindestriche und ...
Last post by combie - Today at 11:02 am
Eine LED die an den Arduino Angeschlossen ist.

Und, was hindert dich daran, das so zu tun?

Ich behaupte, du möchtest, eine Ablaufsteuerung bauen.

Meine Standardantwort zu Ablaufsteuerungen:
Eine Stichworte Sammlung für Google Suchen:
Endlicher Automat,
State Machine,
Blink Without Delay
Der Wachmann
Multitasking Macros
Intervall Macro
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