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Hi there,

This is my first topic for me so please forbid my ignorance.

I've got two Yamaha DBR - 12 connected to an interface AudioBox 22VSL in my living room and I am constantly changing the balance with the Audio MIDI Setup of my Mac depending if I am sitting at the table, cooking or sitting on the couch. As you may understand, this is a bit annoying so I am trying to upgrade.

I was thinking of using ultrasonic sensors connected to my arduino and run a code that controls the Audio MIDI Setup / Soundflower / Max / Pure Data.

What do you think? What would be in your opinion the best option?

Thank you!


It's not that easy to track position...

If you can figure that out you could use digital potentiometers (with the Arduino) to adjust the balance.


I think having a number of presets is the way to do this, and a couple of sensors (ultrasonic or maybe passive
IR?) to switch between presets.  You might have to think about what should happen if more than one sensor is
firing in close succession, perhaps a "generic" preset that's a compromise.

Break the project into two parts: one to detect position (it can drive a few LEDs initially for testing). Another to
interface to the audio system.  When both are working, tying them together should be straightforward.
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