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hey guys

i dont really have the time to learn how to do a code
i need my pedal to be workin tommorow morning max so im a bit in a rush here

i already learn today how to put a special firmware for the midi inside the arduino

 i tried many code here and here and nothing work properly (because of the old library etc..)

can someone can give me a quick code for my midi footswitch (use with guitar rig and cubase)

- its 4 momentary switch plug inside the digital pin 3-4-5-6 (not supposed to be really complicated)

if someone can help me today it would be appreciate



1.  If you want someone to write a code for you, then you need to tell what EXACTLY that code needs to do.  Midi footpedals for guitars do lots of things.  What should yours do.

2.  This is a site to get help with the code you write.  There is a section called Gigs and Collaborations where you can offer to pay someone to write it for you.  Nobody is going to just write it for you for free.

3.  Tomorrow is an awfully ambitious deadline.  I doubt you're going to get anything by tomorrow.  If that is a problem then you should talk to the person who waited until the last minute.  It wasn't any of us. 
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Please do not PM with technical questions or comments.  Keep Arduino stuff out on the boards where it belongs.


And you might want to bear in mind that this is an international forum. Where I am it will be tomorrow in a bit less than an hour. And with any luck I'll be asleep for most of the time before tomorrow morning.

Best of luck with your extremely optimistic deadline.


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