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I'm using an EasyVR Shield 3 with an Arduino Uno for speech recognition.

After uploading and running the EasyVRBridge program I had connected to the EasyVR Commander.

In Group1 I had added commands like 'YOUTUBE', 'GOOGLE' and 'FACEBOOK" and had trained these commands. All this while the software jumper is in the SW Mode.

Later, I had generated the code using the EasyVR Commander and in the void action() function a small on board LED blink program is added. After uploading the program, in the Serial Monitor it asks for a trigger word.

In this case after saying the trigger word ie 'ROBOT', it says :
"Say a command in group 0".

When I try to say any of the commands (after saying the trigger word) the board does not recognize the command and says :
"Timed out, try again...
Say a command in group 0"

The code generated from the EasyVR Commander is attached. I have also attached the serial monitor images and the EasdyVR Commander Images.

Please do help as I have tried almost a hundred times and still there's no result!!!

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